• What paperwork is required to rent Mahindra Thar?


    You must provide a valid driver's license copy and one original form of identification when you rent a vehicle in Goa; both will be returned to you at the time of vehicle return.

  • What payment methods does the company accept?


    We are happy to take payments in cash, UPI, direct bank transfer, Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc., all denominated in Indian rupees (INR).

  • How is fuel metered for Thar rentals?


    When you rent a car from us in the state of Goa, you'll be responsible for refueling the vehicle at a nearby petrol pump. We provide enough petrol so you can reach a nearby pump to refuel your car.

  • Does the company offer airport pickup and drop-off services at airports?


    For your convenience, we do offer pickup and drop services at both Goa airports. We cover the driver's and fuel costs with extremely small rates for pickup and drop services.

  • What is the shortest time required to rent a car from Thar Rental in Goa?


    The "minimum billing duration"—also known as the shortest period of time a guest can reserve a car with us—is at least 48 hours/2 days.

  • What happens in the event that visitors violate Goa's parking and traffic laws?


    We do not accept responsibility for any infractions you commit in Goa. All fines must be paid in full by the visitor. Also, you are not allowed to drive the car outside the Goa border. We have permits only to drive in Goa. Drink & driving are strictly prohibited in Goa.